Additional Services

Because the location, size and type of bridge can vary so greatly, we offer these services on a price on application basis so please do contact Beaver Bridge Hire to discuss your specific requirements. As far as possible work is carried out by specialist Beaver Bridge Hire personnel, at all times adhering to the relevant health and safety requirements, training, certification, laws and statutes.

A complete temporary bridge hire service

  • Access to drawings of bridges
  • Carry out survey of proposed bridge site
  • Provision of assessed capacity certification
  • Capacity check in line with proposed use
  • Design of alterations/upgrades
  • Undertake alterations/upgrades to bridge
  • Refurbishment of bridge including repaint
  • Resurfacing of bridge deck with non slip surfacing
  • Application for technical approval of bridge
  • Application of consents/planning
  • Design of bridge foundations
  • Installation/construction of bridge foundations
  • Delivery of bridge
  • Installation of bridge
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