Bridge Installation & Foundation Design

The three most common ways of installation are:

  • Erection using cranes is considered the most cost-effective method for the majority of structures. However, note that only crawler cranes and some small rough terrain mobile cranes can traverse the site with a load.
  • Modular bridges are built using a unit-assembly system that can be subjectively added to, each bridge can be adapted to meet the requirement of its site. Individual specifications for a bridge’s width, span and loading can be met using a modular bridge.
  • Launching the bridge over road, river and rail, involves assembly of bridge, typically behind an abutment, on the approach. The bridge is assembled on low resistance rollers or a sliding system at each pier or temporary support and then launched across to the adjacent abutment.




With Beaver Bridge Hire’s, Full Turnkey service, we can take care of both the design and installation of your foundations.  The installation of a temporary bridge can be an interesting challenge, but it is not insurmountable, with the right groundworks.

All our temporary bridges are fully compliant and can be suitably utilised over roads, rail and water, in public and private sites.

Often a simple temporary foundation is sufficient, i.e., when over-spanning underground services/weak structures or for short-term use.  However, where conditions are more complex, we can offer a range of solutions.

Beaver Bridge Hire can advise on the following foundations solutions:

  • Compacted stone
  • Timber bog mats
  • Steel beams on piles
  • Poured mass concrete foundations
  • Piled
  • Micro piles
  • Precast concrete blocks
  • Concrete manhole rings



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