About Beaver Bridge Hire

Beaver Bridge Hire has provided quality bridge rental and construction equipment hire and services that our many clients have come to count on. We put quality, safety, productivity and cost savings before anything else.


At Beaver Bridge Hire, we offer a flexible service of both hire and bridge purchases for our extensive range of proprietary bridges. With finance options becoming available to our clients, to assist in the payment ability and affordability,  allowing you to secure the access and bridging needed for all types of bridges. Covering vehicle & pedestrian bridges in many styles and materials finishes, you will choose the product to suit appearance, size and budget suitability. Offering a range of services, we cater for our clients’ needs for design, manufacture, delivery & installation, to include the removal of old systems where required.

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Beaver Bridge Hire is committed to enforcing an effective health and safety policy. This commitment comes not simply from the necessity to fulfil legal and regulatory requirements (so far as is reasonably practicable) but from the desire to ensure that the highest reasonable standards in Health, Safety and Welfare for all our employees are achieved. It is the policy of Beaver Bridge Hire to develop a culture in which every employee is involved in creating a continually improving safe working environment for themselves and others and we work on the principle that all accidents, injuries and occupational ill health are preventable.


Beaver Bridge Hire’s mission is to provide high quality bridge rental services. This is achieved through using the highest quality products with the highest safety standards and services to our clients, supported by innovative use of the best in current technology, cost-efficient practices and safety initiatives. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.

Maximum Effort

We understand the pressures and demands of construction these days and therefore we are a solution based company who provide innovative products and ideas. We focus on how to improve your current methods on site to reduce labour, save cost and increase productivity through bridge rental.

We offer a large range of safe, secure, innovative and well-engineered access solutions. At Beaver Bridge Hire, we put the client first and ensure that we are providing improved, safe and efficient solutions to your site requirements, problems and demands.

We take your project personally and seriously. We have given great thought and consideration to current methods on site and our innovative and engineer-minded design team have designed solutions which saves substantial costs and time to builders. Current methods and systems on site take weeks, our solution-driven equipment takes hours (not weeks) to install, cuts out labour and cost on site with easy and non-laborious application.

When comparing prices you must consider your long term savings, productivity gains and unforeseeable contingent costs. This is why Beaver Bridge Hire is different; we want to be different and we are setting new standards in the industry. No matter how complex or large your demand is – we either have your bridge rental, solution or we will design your solution.



Understand Our Clients
Deliver On Time And on Budget
Show Our Passion
Think Differently And Innovate
Learn Continuously
Communicate Openly
Seek Feedback
Everyone Home Safe Every Day


We aim to provide the highest quality products with the highest safety standards and services to our clients, supported by innovative use of best in current technology, cost-efficient practices and safety initiatives.

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    Design, manufacture and installation of permanent bridges
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    Multi-functional, innovative, access solutions. Specialist plant hire and transport.
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