Pedestrian Bridges

Beaver Bridge Hire have a wide range of pedestrian bridges for a number of uses. Our structures have been designed to be taken onto your site and erected in a quick, safe and efficient manner. All Beaver Bridge Hire footbridge structures can be lifted using mobile cranes. In the event your desired site has any particular access issues, this work can be completed by launching them.

For our clients we adopt a “minimum time on site” approach so your bridge may well arrive as an abnormal load in one long segment to be lifted and installed in a matter of hours. When timing matters, such as during a road closure or a rail possession, Beaver Bridge Hire can help.

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About Beaver Bridge Hire

Beaver Bridge Hire provides Temporary Bridges for all types of requirements and scenarios. We work in all sectors, environments and industries. Please contact us for all your bridge rental needs.

Henry Beaver, Managing Director, Beaver Bridge Hire.

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